The company

At Adore Me we take on seemingly impossible challenges. In 2011, we were founded to solve a single problem: help women buy bras online. It might seem like a simple task, but a bra is one of the most complex and personal garments in existence. Managing the design, procurement, logistics, and customer experience involved is an uphill climb, but one that built our company to take on increasingly greater challenges.

Adore Me grew into the first major online player in lingerie, as well as the first to introduce inclusive sizing in the category. We launched a wholly-owned logistics center, Adore Me Services, in 2017, the same year we became profitable (something very important to us). We've launched a pioneering try-at-home shopping service, a number of innovation-focused satellite brands, and most importantly, an affordable #sustainability model that is transforming our entire business to make sustainable clothing available to consumers of all shapes, sizes, and spending abilities.

Adore Me believes fashion can be a force for good, for everyone.

The Tech

The end goal is to craft the perfect bra and ship it to millions of women. So we're talking about scalable e-commerce, coordinating our factories & robots in the distribution center, internal tools that catalyse everything.

We're one of those scaling technology startups. Think many small teams, DevOps, millions of users, hundreds of git repos, crazy experimenting.

It's not all perfect. We're always evolving and change is everywhere. So we're either moving from Magento to microservices, from MySQL databases to a cloud DWH, moving from local environments to a serverless Machine Learning platform, there's always some technical debt to hunt & kill. We manage a lot of uncertainty and always try to learn from our mistakes. We're getting there.

The job

As part of the Adore Me Tech organisation, the mission of the Logistics team is to ensure that every flow and process related to purchasing and distribution, from purchase order to shipping a customer order is properly managed by adequate tools.

You will work in a self-organised full-stack scrum team. Alongside frontend people (Angular/React apps), backend people (Laravel/Node.js), product & UX people, scrum masters, and AI/data folks.

This is what you can expect:

  • Identify risks and mitigate them, via automated tests or other strategies.
  • Identify project testing priorities and create automated tests to complement our products.
  • Participate in all the steps of the product life cycle (discovery, planning, development) to ensure the quality, functionality and usability of the product and collaborate with the other team members to solve complex problems discovered during testing.
  • Infuse testing practices in our day to day. Your input will influence better software design, improve testability and prevent bugs.
  • Know our systems inside and out (you have direct access to stakeholders).
  • Monitor product usage, application logs, code coverage, test data and other KPIs and extract actionable insights. Build your own metrics and dashboards.
  • You don’t shy away from manual testing and then write moderately complex code to automate it.


  • You are a seasoned test engineer (minimum 5 years experience) with a passion for building high quality software products.
  • Your personality and your traits matter as much as your tech expertise.
  • You are an independent and responsible person. We expect you to be able to carry your own weight and be a reliable partner in the team.
  • You are a fast learner. We may need to use technologies that you have never used before. That should not scare you, but excite you.
  • You're optimistic, have a high self worth, you speak your mind and have strong empathy for your peers. More of a team player than a lone wolf.
  • You have a keen eye for detail and you don’t mind stepping in to improve the product and user experience.


  • You have strong web fundamentals and experience programming in modern PHP and JavaScript. Can survive on a Linux box.
  • You have experience in testing both REST APIs and user interfaces.
  • You have used testing automation tools in the past (PHPUnit, Codeception, Cypress, Laravel feature tests, Postman, JMeter etc.).
  • You have excellent written English skills which you’ll put to good use working alongside the team writing state of the art technical documentation.
  • Hands-on experience with CI/CD systems and version control.
  • You are familiar with SQL.


Competitive pay. Private health services. Trips to our Manhattan office. Continuous learning. Playful mood. Punching bag. Specialty coffee. Did we mention continuous learning? Hipster mansion near Cismigiu*. We're hosting meetups and we're going to conferences. Lounge chairs in the garden. Experienced engineers doing no-bullshit work. Macbooks and fancy dev tools.

* These days visiting the office is optional. We work from home as much as we can to stay safe.